Firstly, more than one person has been delighted to inform me that I remind them of Bridget Jones' mother. Check out the link:

Does Bridget Jones' mother's video really have any resemblance to my vidoes? 

On the family front, I am also the sister that you don't want to invite round anymore! My sister has a gorgeous garden in West Bridgford but I am ashamed to say that as I sat there drinking a coffee on Sunday afternoon I got in full 'Pig and Poke' mode and started telling her where to put a garden mirror, how nice galvanised planters would look and practically pushed her to plant Sweet Peas to grow up one of our obelisks. 

Anyone that knows me knows that I NEVER drink coffee in the garden on a Sunday afternoon. I wonder why I wasn't offered a prosecco or a gin... Clearly my sister knew what a few bubbles would bring on.. talk of champagne buckets and dishes for nibbles!

Back to the coffee, did you know that then when we move to new premises we will be opening a little comfy area, where you can purchase coffee, tea, hot chocolate and cake? I have just had my first meeting with a coffee machine supplier. It's very hard not to get carried away with the highly polished, speciality coffee machines. I really can't wait for our new location in the market place with its vibrancy and buzz. I'm sure it's going to be a lovely place to pop in for a browse and... (can't you almost smell the beans)... a delicious quality cup of coffee. I'm also quality testing/tasting homemade cakes from small local suppliers. Mrs Poke is morphing into Porky Poke!

Adding to this excitement is the news this week that the renovation has commenced on the old Caistor bank. We celebrated and toasted to the future of a great building on the eve of building work commencing. The roof of the bank was a great venue for a BBQ and drinks with friends as we watched the sun set over the Lincolnshire Wolds. 

A photo taken today shows the roof top terrace just prior to being knocked down.

As re-generation takes place and the old building is brought back to life we mustn't lose sight of the past. Due consideration of a beautiful structure will be a top priority and I know that Pig & Poke will prove to be an asset to the Market Place. So here's to a bright future as we make plans to re-locate, and remember if you need a little treat to create that 'wow' factor in your garden or some party glasses for al fresco entertaining-you know where to come. You might even catch a cake sampling session!

Helen, Pig & Poke.

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